History of IP Targeting

In the summer of 2013, El Toro’s IP Targeting technology was founded initially to fight internet fraud by matching the transaction data of online purchases back to public data, matching the home address of the person making the purchase.

El Toro's IP Targeting Algorithm

A brief history and overview of El Toro IP Targeting.

Established in 2013...

This information found by the algorithm was designed to provide the tools needed to root out the fraud that plagued the internet. El Toro realized that by applying this technology they could make their mark in the digital advertising space. This is where the concept of IP Targeting technology began, and which would change the digital advertising landscape to better spend marketing dollars.

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Target Real Households With IP Targeting

With the IP Targeting algorithm, we target real people with 95% certainty, cutting out ad fraud that's found with cookies.

matchback analysis

MatchBack Results

Since we target real households, at the end of your campaign, we can take the sales and conversion data and match it back to those households we targeted, showing real ROAS!

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IP Targeting

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Why The IP Address?
What makes the IP address of a household so valuable?

An Internet Protocol address (IP) is unique number assigned to your network. There are a finite amount of IPs in the United States so they stay with networks from several months to several years at a time. El Toro realized that through their technology that they could match IP addresses to people’s mailing address based on the algorithm that El Toro had patented.  This was the first time a company was able to deliver display advertisements to a specific household without using cookies.

El Toro gives customers the ability to target customers hyper-accurately through the use of IP Targeting technology. The infrastructure of El Toro is fully integrated with their demand-side platform to help digital serve these advertisements to specific IP addresses. You can now take any mailing list data you may have and target them based on their home or business address. El Toro typically matches 50-60% of the list provided by customers to IPs and will let you know who they are targeting prior to the digital advertising campaign.

IP Targeting Technology Revolution
Considering targets are pre-defined prior to an ad serve — on the other side of an IP targeting campaign one can match back the sales data against the original target list to calculate return on ad-spend for the campaign. The ability to tie proper tangible attribution to a digital advertising campaign is revolutionary to the industry. Contact us for more information!

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